FAQ Marketing

Can you help me reduce marketing costs?
- We make sure that you are seen in the right place at the right price. We negotiate with the respective actor and optimize the marketing.

How quickly can you deliver me a new website?
- The website is usually complete and completed within 30 days.

If I buy a website from you, will you also manage the operation of the site?
- We provide web hosting for the site and install SSL Certificates.

Can I make changes to the website myself?
- Yes, you can make changes yourself if this is desired, otherwise we will help you with changes and
ongoing updates via favorable support agreements.

Can you help me get better rankings on Google?
- With the help of search optimization, we improve your placements successively, which gives the right target group for
leads and improves traffic to the website.

Can you help me to be visible on Facebook and Instagram?
- We help you with advertisements in social media such as Facebook and Instagram. We target the ads to
the target group you are looking for. Do you have a veterinary clinic?
Then we advertise with the right algorithms to pet owners.

Can you help me dispute and follow up fraudulent invoices?
- We dispute and follow up on all such matters during the ongoing process.

Can you help me with all the different ads? Also newspapers etc.?
- Our designers help you design an ad from scratch based on your wishes.

Can you help me with all the telemarketers and meetings so I save time?
- We help you manage all sellers and meetings with them. We then go through
the information with you and based on the agreed budget/plan.

Why should I choose you as a media agency?
- We have over 20 years of experience in marketing and we are a small private agency as always
goes the extra mile for you as a customer and builds strong customer relationships.
Our watchwords are "Quality, Safety, Flexibility"
We are always available to you as a customer for all types of matters

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