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Today it has become a matter of course to also be visible in social media, Social media is today one of the most effective tools for communicating, selling and building a brand. Here you can also have direct contact with your customers and it is important how you profile yourself and communicate with old as well as new potential customers.

We adapt the advertising in social media based on your particular business, the needs analysis and your different objectives where we target several different flows. We have a lot of experience with exposure in social media, where we can also measure the traffic using tracking on your website and reports from the respective channels.

Visible on Facebook

Today, Facebook has become a very good way to expose your company with the help of a company page and marketed posts and advertisements. Today, all target groups are on Facebook and the tools to reach them have been refined to get the best possible ROI. For example, you don't want to waste unnecessary impressions of an ad about lawnmowers to someone who doesn't have a garden. We also help with regular posts in your feed to keep your Facebook page alive.

Ads on Instagram

We produce ads and promote your brand on Instagram. Since Instagram and Facebook have the same owner, you kill two birds with one stone when we advertise. Everything is handled via Facebook Ads manager and we produce a budget that fits your objectives.


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