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How do you get to the top of Google's search? We help you to be visible to customers when they search on Google and in Google Maps. You only pay for results, like when someone clicks to visit your website or calls your business. We adjust this on an ongoing basis together with you as a customer.


Does your business need to rank better on Google? Over 95 percent of Swedes today use Google as a search engine, and endless searches are carried out every day. By right, the totality of the work is keyword advertising (SEM). We make sure to match your offers and information with specific searches. We measure and analyze the search volume in your particular area on an ongoing basis. The old classic "If you don't see it, you don't find it" fits well here.

Banner advertising

Getting better visibility online with digital ads is as important today as phone directory and newspaper advertising was 20 years ago. We create effective display ads for Google's Display Network (GDN). The network consists of millions of sites and reaches approximately 90 percent of all internet users. This is a very effective way to reach out with information and offers or to build your brand.

Targeting / Retargeting

Do you want to be visible to your specific target group? Adapting the ads to your target group based on who it is, where it is, when you want to reach it and how much you can imagine paying for each unique exposure of the website is part of the work we do. A big advantage of retargeting advertising is being able to expose a specific message where the target group is tracked from different pages on the internet, this is very good in targeted campaigns, you then reach out with your product or service to a target group that is interested and ready to buy.

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