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We help you design and produce advertisements that highlight your business's message, while clearly communicating your company's heart and profile. When we produce your ad, we also have to take into account the conditions that apply to the newspaper you are going to advertise in. We find out summary information about the printed matter, which elements should be included, technical advice and any links to uploading material.

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Graphic Agency

If you want help with layout and production of originals, you can contact us. Print media often charge an extra fee to produce an ad (although they usually say it's included in the price). If you have our marketing service, help with the production of advertisements and submission of originals for printing is included.

Our layout department helps you with both layout and ad originals at competitive prices.

Planning of advertisement

Before we start designing your ad, we contact the newspaper to book insertion(s), agree on format, cost, deadline for materials and technical requirements. It gives you good conditions for a successful outcome of the targeting of the ad.

Production phase

In our image and media bank we have most of what we need to produce ad originals: photos, layout template, logos, images and fonts. However, we would like you to contribute your own photos from your business. We ensure that your images are image edited to the best quality.

Original work

When advertising in the daily press, you must always create an ad in the final size. That is, the format you have booked. By varying images and color choices, we find an expression that suits your business and target group - feel free to look at the examples that we show under references from other of our customers.

In most advertisements, you should consider including:

  • Logotype
    It must be clear who is the sender of the message in the ad.
  • Typeface
    Typography for headlines, body text, introduction and so on should follow your graphic profile.
  • Colors
    Remember that your profile colors should be used. These lay the foundation for your recognition in the media noise.

Original delivery

Most daily newspapers in Sweden follow a standard for advertising management set by the industry organization Tidningsutgivarna (TU). We make sure to collect the information we need when advertising. We then hand over a printable PDF.

Complete pictures

If your ad contains images, they should be completed before delivery to print. This means, in addition to normal image processing such as setting black/white point, shades, contrast, etc., that:

  • The images must be resized (normally reduced) so that they have the correct effective resolution.
  • Once the images are the right size and resolution, they should also be sharpened.
  • The images should be converted to CMYK (separated) via a color profile (ICC/ICM).
  • ATTENTION! If you have received image material in CMYK, which has previously been used in print production, it is not certain that the images will work for daily newspaper printing. One should then convert the images to RGB and, after any adjustments, convert them to CMYK again. Daily press printing is extra sensitive because the paper of the daily newspapers cannot withstand a higher amount of ink than 240%. An image separated for printing on coated paper can have a color amount of over 300%, which results in smearing and incorrect color reproduction when printed in daily press.


  • What standard does the newspaper in question want the ad original in.
  • Check current color profiles (ICC/ICM) and job options to export a correct PDF.
  • Check that images used are of sufficient resolution.
  • Be out in time. All newspapers have fixed submission times for the different days of the week and special times for appendices.

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